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all psionic society.

The society is detached and pragmatic….intelligence is respected over all else and they use drugs and technology to heighten the brain…giving forth to mental abilities throughout the society. Only some are blessed with it though…other “lessers” are not gifted with the intellect for genetic inabilities or whatever….they are the slave class that is not worth saving or “purifying”

All dominante genes are coveted….would this create an insestious issue? WOuld they need to all be born artificially?

2 planets in orbit of each other…constantly at war with the other…

THe lessers live on another side of the world…like in total recall….

the societies worship what they call “the great truth” they believe that there is a math formula that will solve EVERYTHING ….the mystery of reality and the devotion of life to solving the great therom is what they focus on and it is their religion.

Look at the brotherhood or equalibrium for ideas.

Main Page

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